AK Memmingen Tunnel, A7

Retrofitting of operating facilities

B167, L101 Klammstein

Renewal of lighting systems

A10 ONB Trebesing

Electromechanical equipment

A7 Bindermichl

Integration, connection & control system


Dynamically controlled system

A9, Inz.-Schön, Verkehrsableit.

B138 Dynamic Massage

S16 Strenger Tunnel

Electrical equipment

A7 Bindermichl

Lowering & overhead noise barrier

A10 Ofenauer-Hiefler Tunnel

Electromechanical engineering

L379 Feldkirchnerstraße

Electrical & safety installations

B62/L280 St. Barbara Tunnel

Technical tunnel equipment

A9 Plabutsch Tunnel

New construction and refurbishment

A9 Inzersdorf - Schön

General electrical engineering

A9 Schartnerkogel Tunnel

Tunnel niches construction

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