VBA Linz Los 4
2016-03-23 13:14
by Dürr Group GmbH

VBA Linz Los 4

process control system

Completion: 06/2015
Details: 150 km open road

Central system technology

In April 2013 the DÜRR Austria was assigned to install the whole system technology of the traffic control system in Linz, which covers the geographic area of the A1 West motorway, A7 Mühlkreis motorway, A8 Innkreis motorway and A25 Welser motorway. The range of services not only included the distribution of energy, traffic management systems, traffic data collection, video surveillance and ERT systems, but also the field data collection, transfer and processing of information.

More information for road users

For the traffic control systems, gantries and ramps were equipped with variable message signs in LED technology, prismtraffic signs, traffic detectors for traffic counting, CCTV cameras and brightness sensors. Furthermore 2 KRI-2B and 1 KRI-2C communication gateways were implemented. The overall control of the system is taken on by the central control room Wels.

Project Features

39 Access-points dual
12 Access-points simple
24 Power distribution cabinets
34 Sub-distribution cabinets
5 Variable message signs
115 Overhead traffic sensors
9 Road weather systems (OpenWIS)
54 Emergency call units (pillars)
69 Control units
2 KRI-2B Communication gateways
1 KRI-2C Communication gateways
10,000 Fiber optic splices


route stations


LED-variable message signs


system data points


fiber optic cables

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