Munich - Petueltunnel
2016-03-20 13:24
by Dürr Group GmbH

Munich - Petueltunnel

electro-mechanical equipment

Client: Capital City Munich
Completion: 11/2014
Length: 1,472 m
Tubes: 2

The border between 2 boroughs

The course of the Petuel Tunnel marks the border between the Boroughs of Milbertshofen-Am Hart and Schwabing-West. The tunnel which was built by using the cut-and-cover method consists of 2 tubes with a length of approximately 1,472 m, each with 2 to 3 lanes of one-way traffic. An approximately 235 m long glass enclosure connects with the tunnel at the East Portal exit. Besides the main portals there are additional entrance and exit ramps, which lead as about 265 m long side directly to the motorway A9.

Complex ventilation and traffic control

A fire inside the tunnel is a horror scenario and the ventilation and traffic control system has to fulfil high requirements. Besides a fast localisation and detection of the fire, complex programmes are of paramount importance for the regulation of the traffic and the tunnel ventilation. In case of a disaster these programmes automatically introduce actions that are of vital importance for the safety of the drivers.

Project Features

3 UPS units each with 125 kVA
25 longitudinal speed measurements
7 CO measurements
14 smoke detector and obscuration systems
1 exhaust air system
61 lane massage signs
2 speed measuring devices
7 tunnel barriers
51 horn-type speakers
3 operating stations
3 pumping stations
6 emergency exits


jet fans


variable meassage signs


CCTV cameras


E90 cable support system

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