Los A2 Subsection
2016-03-11 07:54
by Dürr Group GmbH

Los A2 Subsection Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Cable

Client: Arge ATE
Completion: 06/2012
Total length: ca. 34,000 m
Tubes: 1 (railway tunnel)

Railway axle Brenner - access route North

In October 2009 ARGE Alptransit Brenner awards DÜRR Austria the contract for the cable works as part of the basic equipment packages in Lot A1. In June 2010 DÜRR Austria was able to extent the project volume at the access route with fiber optic cable works. The total running time of the project was until March 2012.

Project Features

Cables: 1000V/10.000V (50Hz)
100 km 10 kV medium voltage cables
380 km low voltage cables
75 km communication cables
12 km equipotential bonding cables

Cables: 15.000V (16.7Hz)
73 km high voltage cable
5 km return conductors
Control cable for railway safety featurest
210 km signal cables

Tele communication cable
240 km communication cables
200 km fiber optic pipes
840 km micro tubes (speed-pipes)


energy- & data wiring


fiber optic cables


low voltage cables


micro tubes (speed-pipes)

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