Control room Hohenems
2016-03-16 14:35
by Dürr Group GmbH

Control room Hohenems

System engineering

Client: ASFiNAG
Completion: 07/2012
Number of tunnels: 12
Length: ca. 90 km thereof 26,5 km tunnel

Innovations in surveillance technology

As part of its innovative concept for the modernisation and centralization of the Austrian traffic network, ASFINAG developed a professional, standardized operations model. This model envisions uniformly equipped, centrally located and continuously staffed control rooms whose function is a comprehensive monitoring of the entire Austrian highway network. A key component of this model is the central control room Hohenems. The project was started in February 2011, and by July 2012 the control room was in full operation.

Project Features

28 low-voltage distribution boards
2 UPS units
4 projection screen controllers
2 redundant tunnel servers
2 redundant database servers
2 storage systems
2 operator stations with 16 monitors
1 supervisor station with 12 monitors






CCTV cameras


process pictures


system data points

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