Control Room Carinthia
2016-03-28 12:35
by Dürr Group GmbH

Control Room Carinthia

Data integration in existing system

Completion: 12/2015
Details: 25 integrated tunnel,
300.000 data points,
virtualized cluster
  16 cube videowall,
5 operator stations with up to 16 monitors

Innovations in surveillance technology

As part of its innovative concept for the modernisation and centralisation of the Austrian traffic network, ASFINAG developed a professional, standardized operations model. This model envisions uniformly equipped, centrally located and continuously staffed control rooms whose function is a comprehensive monitoring of the entire Austrian highway network. A key component of this model is the central control room Carinthia in Klagenfurt. The project was started in May 2008, and by April 2009 the control room was in full operation.

The new control system

The new control system in the Carinthian Control Centre was successfully completed in 2015 and ever since then has been running with XAMControl without interruption. The final phase of the project will be one of the largest monitoring control centres in Austria with approximately 300,000 external datapoints. Modern clustersolution The absolute highlights of the new control system are the complete integration of the ASFiNAG (VBA) traffic management system, a new concept for video wall control and the total virtualisation of the control system based on a modern cluster solution.

Project Features

Total highway-length: 225 km
Number of tunnels: 25
Total tunnel-length: 29.5 km

Technical equipment details
1 UPS unit
35 m² videowall
21 interfaces to remote systems: IEC104, OPC UA, Corba 2.0
5 operator stations (each with 16 monitors)
Virtualized cluster solution


CCTV cameras


cube videowall


process pictures


system data points

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