A1 Cologne - Lövenich
2016-03-18 12:03
by Dürr Group GmbH

Cologne - Lövenich

Tunnel made of glass

Completion: 03/2014
Length: 1,550 m
Tubes: 2

A tunnel made of glass

With the complete extension of the partially glazed noise control enclosure, a bottleneck on the A1 federal motorway was eased. Therefore, the road section between the German railway construction and the interchange Köln-West up to the junction Köln-Lövenich has become an attractive north-south connection for road users. The whole project was equipped with new state-of-the-art safety equipment. After a trial period of about five years, the tunnel was finally officially opened for the directional traffic in December 2012.

Project Features

1 UPS unit
36 light regulators
26 prism traffic signs
60 traffic lights
76 LED-variable message signs
68 LED-lane message signs
34 radar devices
4 bound systems
Crossroad influence system
152 escape route lights
256 LED-lane indicators
65 speakers & 10 amplifiers
74 switches & 4 layer-3 switches
102 km fiber optic cables


low-voltage distribution boards


tunnel ligths


CCTV cameras


system data points


energy & control cabling

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