B73 Tunnel Himmelreich
2016-03-15 14:41
by Dürr Group GmbH

B73 Tunnel Himmelreich

Operating and safety facilities

Client: Government of Styria
Completion: 07/2012
Length: 1,045 m
Tubes: 1 (two-way traffic)

Construction of the Tunnel Himmelreich

The construction of the tunnel Himmelreich relieved the municipality Hausmannstätten and created an attractive connection between the Hühnerberg and Gössendorf. The whole project was equipped with modern and highquality energy, safety and ventilation technology. After a trial period of about a year, the tunnel was finally officially opened for the oncoming traffic in July 2012.

Ventilation mechanism

Having been assigned by the Office of the Styrian Provincial Government in January 2011 to install the ventilation systems, our company realized a complete and leading ventilation project for the first time in its history. The ventilation system consists of an axial flow fan and 6 jet fans including the respective constructive elements that all together accomplish the requirements of the ventilation system of the entire tunnel.

Project Features

6 jet fans
1 axial fan
7 exhausting air damper
13 CCTV cameras
8 ERT systems
10 tunnel control devices
1 redundant tunnel servers
2 operator stations with 4 monitors
10 m² videowall
8 cubes


low-voltage distribution boards


tunnel lights


traffic signs


system data points


fiber optic cables

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