A9 Inzersdorf - Schön
2019-02-25 09:04
by Dürr Group GmbH

A9 Inzersdorf - Schön

electro-mechanical equipment

Completion: 02/2019
Length: 920 m
1,940 m
Tubes: 2

Refurbishment of 4 tunnel systems

The A9 is part of a 230 km long north-south transit axis between the crossroad Voralpenkreuz and Spielfeld on the border to Slovenia. It is thus an important north-south transversal, not only in Austria but also in the European transport network. The tunnels Kremsursprung, Ottsdorf, Hinterburg and Tretter are situated between the motorway junction Klaus and Inzersdorf. DÜRR Austria was awarded with the contract in October 2017 and the traffic release of the A9 took place in February 2019 after a one and a half years project period.

Project Features

1 low voltage distribution board
4 tunnel lights
8 ultrasonic air flow measuring systems
4 traffic signs 
115 escape route lights
36 emergency roadside telephones
4 emergency telephones
4 redundant fire alarm systems
4 speakers & amplifiers 
26 km energy cabling & 5.5 km control cabling 
103 km fiber optic cables


jet fans


LED-lane indicators


CCTV cameras


system data points


barriers plants

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