A5 FOE PPP Ostregion
2016-03-06 08:54
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A5 FOE PPP Ostregion

General electrical engineering

Client: ARGE FOE PPP-Ostregion
Completion: 02/2010
Tunnel systems: 4
Overall length: ca. 15,000 m
Open road: ca. 50 km
Control center: 1

Construction of the project „PPP Ostregion“

The project Y PPP Ostregion to the northeast of Vienna is the first PPP (public-private partnership) road infrastructure project in Austria. The high and continuously rising traffic volume, the lack of transport connections to periurban and rural regions in the north of Vienna and the non existing north–south connection to the Czech Republic triggered the start of this major project in December 2006. The routing with a length of 51 kilometres has a Y-shape and comprises the subsections of the motorways S1 West, S1 East, S2 and the highway A5. The tunnels Kreuzenstein, Stetten and Tradenberg are located on the west side of the S1, whereas the tunnel Eibesbrunn is located on the south side of the A5. The control room of the entire area is also situated here. The tunnels, the open road and the control room were equipped with state-of-the-art safety equipment. The project‘s launch opening was in January 29, 2010 in the presence of high-ranking representatives from business and government.

Project Features

520 low voltage distribution boards
8 UPS units
180 traffic lights and signs
155 LED-variable message signs
42 air measurement devices
120 emergency roadside telephones
130 local control units
80 traffic controllers
120 km fiber optic cables


low-voltage distribution boards


light regulators


CCTV cameras


system data points

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