A2 North Bypass Klagenfurt
2016-03-25 12:46
by Dürr Group GmbH

A2 North Bypass Klagenfurt

electro-mechanical equipment

Completion: 07/2015
Length: 3,330 m | 800 m | 450 m | 1,100 m
Tubes: 2

Refurbishments of the north bypass Klagenfurt

The A2 south motorway is a central traffic axis in the Austrian motorway and expressway network. The northern bypass Klagenfurt (NUK) consists of the Ehrentalerberg tunnel, the subsection roadway Lendorf, the subsection roadway Trettnig and the Falkenberg tunnel. Due to the about 20 years of use, electromechanical and structural refurbishments were performed along this northern bypass. In August 2013 DÜRR Austria was awarded with the contract and after a construction time of about two years the NUK was opened for one-way traffic.

High-tech control and surveillance

The project size, the daily traffic volume and the requirements for safety technology resulting from this are enormous. All information from the tunnel is quickly transmitted via fiber optic networks and a redundant GigaBit Backbone LAN to the tunnel control room. From there all necessary switching operations are made via automatic programmes or, if required, manually. The information is transmitted at the information hubs via redundant tunnel control units to peripheral elements, e.g. traffic lights, traffic signs, ventilaton etc. in order to secure the required signal states.

Project Features

7 UPS units
95 jet fans
65 traffic signs
8 info displays
227 escape route lights
1158 LED-lane indicators
73 emergency roadside telephones
16 speakers & amplifiers
57 local control units & 93 switches
535 km energy cabling & 91 km control cabling
87 km fiber optic cables


low voltage distribution boards


tunnel lights


LED-variable message signs


CCTV cameras


system data points

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