A12 Roppener Tunnel
2016-03-07 08:52
by Dürr Group GmbH

A12 Roppener Tunnel

Process control equipment

Completion: 03/2011
Length: 5,100 m
Tubes: 2

Construction and refurbishment of Roppen Tunnel

The existing first tube of the Roppen tunnel (north tube) was operated in opposing traffic. This means in today‘s heavy traffic load, a threat to the smooth running traffic. To increase the safety of the A12 Inn Valley motorway the expansion of the Roppen tunnel was carried out to a modern, twin-tube tunnel system. In order to improve the safety standard of the entire tunnel system, after the construction of the second tube, the existing first tube was adapted as well.


Project Features

36 light regulators
48 traffic signs
62 LED-variable message signs
12 info displays
172 CCTV cameras
95 emergency roadside telephones
45 speakers & amplifiers
52 local control units & 46 switches
181 km energy wiring & 130 km control wiring
97 km fiber optic cables


low-voltage distribution boards


tunnel lights


escape route lights


LED-lane indicators


system data points

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