A11 Karawanken Tunnel
2016-03-13 14:49
by Dürr Group GmbH

A11 Karawanken Tunnel

Refurbishment of electrotechn. equipment

Completion: 06/2012
Length: 7,864 m
Tubes: 1 (opposing traffic)

Refurbishment of the Karawankentunnel

Considering the fact that the Karawankentunnel had been constructed in 1991, some technical equipment reached the end of their life cycle by now. This might jeopardize smooth traffic in today‘s heavy traffic load. After several reconstructions in the past, this time the whole process control plant and parts of the electrical equipment were adapted and renewed, in order to improve the safety standard of the entire tunnel system. After a project period of two years, the refurbishment was completed in May 2013.

Thermal scanner - an innovation in Europe

Before the entrance of the Karawankentunnel Europe‘s most modern thermal scanner was installed. All heavy vehicles over 7.5 tonnes are automatically directed through this portal, scanned by five scanners and two infrared cameras and redirected for cooling-off in case of overheating (engine, brakes, turbochargers, tires). At the same time the fire protection group ASFINAG on site or the control room Carinthia will be alarmed, in order to get in contact with the vehicle driver. After a cooling-off period or troubleshooting the heavy vehicle can pass through the scanner again and drive through the tunnel, if the values are satisfactory.

Project Features

24 traffic signs
18 info displays
5 redundant tunnel control devices
1 redundant tunnel server
3 operator stations with 4 monitors


LED-variable message signs


emergency roadside telephones


system data points

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