A10 Katschberg/Tauerntunnel
2016-03-03 09:04
by Dürr Group GmbH

A10 Katschberg/Tauerntunnel

Process control equipment

Completion: 07/2009
Length: 5,800 m
Tubes: 2

Interesting traffic project

This exciting project involves the further extension of a new tube and the general refurbishment of the existing tube of the Katschberg tunnel. This impressive tunnel stretches over two provinces, from Salzburg to Carinthia, and thus represents an important road section between North and South. The whole project was equipped with new state-of-the art safety equipment. After a construction time of three years both tubes were finally opened in April 2009 for the directional traffic.

Highest safety standards and user comfort

The overall concept provides maximum user comfort and, in case of an emergency, allows the operators and the supervisor to coordinate the emergency response forces effectively. Important incidents are recorded and stored, and in addition to this, it is possible to access and analyze past events at a later date.

Project Features

2 UPS units
138 light regulators
51 traffic signs
51 LED-variable message signs
3 info displays
165 CCTV cameras
95 emergency roadside telephones
41 speakers & amplifiers
67 local control units & 84 switches
343 km energy wiring & 135 km control wiring
58 km fiber optic cables


low-voltage distribution boards


tunnel lights


escape route lights


LED-lane indicators


system data points

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