We get the green light: basic equipment in Lot A1 on the Kundl/Radfeld-Baumkirchen railway line

October 2009 – ARGE Alptransit Brenner awards Dürr Austria the contract for the cable works as part of the basic equipment packages in Lot A1.

Crossing borders: the Al Salam Street Tunnel in Abu Dhabi

Oktober 2009 – green light for an international era in close collaboration with an internationally active Italian partner.

Leutenbach Tunnel: a project in numbers

Oktober 2009 – A double-tube tunnel with a length of 1080 m per tube. Two service buildings, each with a MV system with 630 kVA transformers and a 60 kVA UPS system to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to safety components.

A "split" city breathes again: Winnenden bypass is opened for traffic

After more than 30 years in the planning and three years in the building, the new stretch of the B14, the Winnenden bypass, has finally been completed.

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