Ramp Metering – Traffic lights on B 27 get soon into operation
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  • Ramp Metering – Traffic lights on B 27 get soon into operation
2012-02-03 14:22
von Stefanie Weidhofer
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Ramp Metering – Traffic lights on B 27 get soon into operation

It will happen step by step. The three traffic lights on the B-27 ramps Stetten, Plattenhardt and Bonlanden (direction to Stuttgart) will be started on different days. The first will be the junction Stetten. When it will be activated on Monday, it will probably last one week until the traffic lights on the Plattenhardt ramp will be activated.

Again one week later, it should then start at the Bonlanden ramp. Apparently, however, a construction site on B 27 near the junction hinders the action of the central traffic control office. This department of the Regional Council at Tübingen coordinates and controls the ramp metering system.
If everything works as desired, the lights will ensure at the entries of B 27 that the cars no longer run in a pack. This should be done rather well measured by the traffic lights. One to three cars will then run at the same time. This is to avoid having too many cars at the same time on the main road, which in turn could lead to fewer traffic jams. (Details at: www.svz-bw.de)

Emergency case after holidays

Under these conditions the real emergency case is waiting for a few more weeks. During school holidays, the traffic should be rarely so strong that it is slowly moving like in the normal rush hour traffic. However, the central traffic control office wants to use the first few weeks to experience the system which is used for the first time in Baden-Wuerttemberg. "We want to approach coordinated to the cause," the Head of Department of the central traffic control office, Thomas Bucher, says.

In the nearby municipalities Filderstadt and Leinfelden many local politicians fear that the system can suppress the traffic in the villages. This is also feared by the Junge Union Filderstadt / Leinfelden. It is not clear how backlog should be avoided on the access routes, if the number of cars is growing daily. The basic problem is the overloading of the B 27, says the CDU youth organization, and therefore demands the construction of a tunnel bypass east of Sielmingen.


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