Leutenbach Tunnel: a project in numbers
2009-05-02 14:22
von Stefanie Weidhofer
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Leutenbach Tunnel: a project in numbers

Oktober 2009 – A double-tube tunnel with a length of 1080 m per tube. Two service buildings, each with a MV system with 630 kVA transformers and a 60 kVA UPS system to ensure an uninterrupted power supply to safety components.

We installed the following equipment throughout the whole of the tunnel site: more than 50 switching cabinets, approx. 390 tunnel lights, more than 130 illuminated SOS and escape route signs, 14 recesses with emergency telephones, 24 x 30 kW jet fans, air quality monitoring and ventilation control equipment, 38 CCTV cameras for tunnel surveillance, 21 high-efficiency speakers for the tunnel intercom system, automatic fire alarm systems in the service buildings and tunnel tubes, more than 40 variable speed signs and sets of traffic lights, approx. 220   LED kerb markers, approx. 100 km power, control and fibre-optic cables.

The entire system is monitored and controlled fully automatically by the control centres. A fibre-optic network and redundant central computers are provided for data exchange and for the control processes via the tunnel control units for lighting, ventilation and traffic control. All safety, measurement logging and fault management systems are also fully networked.

The entire tunnel route is permanently monitored via the control panels in the operations centre, the remote stations of the tunnel control centre, the maintenance depot and mobile workstations, and intervention in the tunnel controls is possible at any time.

Yet another DÜRR Group GmbH project in line with our motto:

You have to know quality to build it!


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