Contract for the new ring road project at Furth im Wald
2011-04-01 14:22
von Stefanie Weidhofer
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Contract for the new ring road project at Furth im Wald

April 2011 - The Building Department Regensburg commissioned DÜRR Group GmbH with the project B20 bypass of Furth im Wald - Deschlbergtunnel, installation of operational equipment.

The tunnel Deschlberg is the key structure for this local bypass. With a length of 745 m and a parallel walk-in rescue tunnel, this construction project contributes to the continuous B20 from Cham to the national border with the Czech Republic without any cross-town traffic.

Under the new project, the complete operational equipment will be installed based on latest regulations and knowledge. Particularly the order comprises the high voltage system, low-voltage distribution system, lights, ventilation, fire and smoke detection systems, CCTV and speaker systems, traffic control system, emergency call stations, self-illuminating guidance systems, tunnel radio system, height controls and the central control system with connection to the Traffic Control Centre South Bavaria.


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